Eleven days of LIVE demos at drupa

Have you already BOOKED your place in the book industry of the future?

Eleven days of LIVE demos at drupa

 If not…, you should visit Meccanotecnica’s booth at drupa in Düsseldorf (Germany), the world’s leading trade fair for print and cross-media solutions.

From May 31st to June 10th, Meccanotecnica will be, as in the past editions, in the Hall 16B46.

hall 16

Where to find Meccanotecnica’s booth: HALL 16 – B46

The 450 sqm booth will be set-up to display the entire range of the renewed aster sewing machines and lines and worldwide premieres for digital print finishing.



The company will exhibit under the theme BOOK…your FUTURE”. The motto highlights the commitment of Meccanotecnica towards innovation and has the goal to convey two messages.

The first, addressed to our present and potential customers: BOOK or RESERVE your future in the book industry thanks to the innovative solutions of Meccanotecnica, which it is and will be committed to be among the market leaders for the next decades.

The second, addressed to a more general audience: because we believe that the CLASSIC BOOK, the PRINTED ONE is living a new rebirth, taking advantage of the complementary use of different printing technologies (offset and digital) and maintaining an important key role in the FUTURE of the publishing industry and in our life.

The technologies and solutions presented, according to this motto, will show customers and prospects how to deal efficiently with the challenges of the future markets.


Eleven days of LIVE demos

Every day, live demos will show you how to produce books efficiently and cost-effectively either in the offset and digital environment.


Offset print finishing - aster sewing machines and lines

The widest and most successful range of sewing machines and lines is now even more efficient and advanced thanks to continuous R&D and customer oriented strategies. asterEL, for instance, will be showcased with an enhanced design and with new features available.

asterEVO, asterPRO and Uniplex with asterTOP will be also presented with their latest developments and improvements. Especially the latter, thanks to a record speed of 18.000 cycles/h, provides an efficient way of producing sewn books, minimizing production costs by eliminating non-productive steps such as storage and transport of gathered signatures.


Digital Print Finishing & Book Finishing

Meccanotecnica will reveal three worldwide premieres for digital print finishing and book finishing.

Universe Sewing (the new generation)

universe sewing sheet fed

Universe Sewing: the new generation

The new Universe Sewing, the 4th generation of the successful solutions for digital print finishing, will unveil an enhanced ergonomic and functional design, higher performance and efficiency along with new colors.

A roll-to-book solution

universe sewing web fed

Universe Sewing web-fed: the new solution

Meccanotecnica will unveil a complete new solution to meet the demand of web digital printers. The new line will allow the sewing of books directly from the roll; the solution performs several processes all-in-one: unwinding, cutting, folding, collating and sewing on the fly.

This is ideal for offset printers, who have the need to efficiently manage short-medium runs, making possible to avoid non-productive steps such as: plating, folding, palletizing and gathering.

Inline (the new generation)


Inline: the new generation

The new Inline, the 3rd generation of Meccanotecnica’s modular and multifunctional book finishing line, will be showcased. A solution capable of preparing sewn book blocks for the casing-in process, to complete books with the application of soft covers or to perfect bind loose sheets or signatures.

The new line will bring quality and efficiency to a whole new level.


We look forward to seeing you in drupa, visit us at HALL 16 – B46 and BOOK…your FUTURE.