About Aster
"Offset Print Finishing" by Meccanotecnica

Meccanotecnica's book sewing machine brand, Aster,is globally known as state-of-the-art technology as well as a guarantee of reliability and high level of performance.

Since the introduction of the Headop signature feeder in the ‘70s, which revolutionized the book finishing market, Meccanotecnica has always been a visionary company. The first fully automatic book sewing machine, the Aster-Headop, was launched in the early ‘80s and soon became the leading product of the market.

In the last 30 years, the Aster technology has reached a foremost role, thanks to its unprecedented performances, reliability, build quality and ease of use.
Today Meccanotecnica features very large number of installations worldwide; stand alone units as well as sophisticated gathering & sewing lines, such as Uniplex, Multiplex, and Magix. The Company is proud of its relentless efforts to develop new solutions, together with a very effective after-sales service.

Our policy is to provide our customers with the best all-around package in the business: technology-driven solutions, reliable machines, quick service and the highest level of personalization.

Aster is known as extremely durable equipment; units manufactured decades ago still work perfectly today.

The machine range counts on new models that satisfies all production needs: from the fastest unit of the market, asterTOP, to the high versatility of asterPRO and asterBIG, and again from the extreme reliability of asterEVO to the entry level investment of asterEL.