About Digital
"DIGITAL print finishing" by Meccanotecnica

Thanks to its solid experience in the traditional offset market and to its excellent technical resources, Meccanotecnica is proud to offer new solutions for high quality digital print finishing. The quick turnaround time of digital printers is matched with rapid, high quality book production, making our equipment the perfect answer for book-on-demand, self-publishing, reprints or personalized books.

Digitally printed sheets or rolls are automatically scored, folded, collated and thread sewn by the Universe Sewing.

Downstream, books are processed with Inline, Meccanotecnica’s modular and multifunctional finishing system. Volumes are prepared for the casing-in process with the application of end-sheets and lining or completed with the soft cover.

Finally, books are conveyed to a stacker or directly to a three-knife trimmer.

In order to guarantee maximum flexibility, our solutions are available individually or as complete integrated lines.