Meccanotecnica Green Soul

Placed near the beautiful Alps, surrounded by hills and vineyards, Meccanotecnica has an innate green soul.

This eco-friendly approach reaches our organizations, our products and even the goods processed by our equipment.

Firstly the company has earned the Environmental System Certification ISO 14001. Moreover the entire Meccanotecnica range of book sewing machines follows the very stringent RoHs regulations for which all the electronics devices are manufactured by mean of safe and recyclable materials. Additionally our equipments feature “stand-by” functions in order to reduce consumption and employ low power according to the strict European energy norms.

Furthermore, thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed in 2016 at the Critical Manufacturing facility of Pedrengo (Italy), 25% of the energy demand of the plant is covered by self-produced electricity. With the use of the solar energy we could reduce our carbon footprint and virtually avoid the emission of 36 Tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Last but not least, Meccanotecnica’s book sewing machines handle a great variety of threads, including the one made of 100% natural cotton, making Aster the real eco-friendly binding system.