The steps of a success


Meccanotecnica is founded in Bergamo, Italy.

In the early '70s

The Group achieved its first international success with the Headop signature feeder. It revolutionized the market by automating thousand of sewing machines.

In 1983

Meccanotecnica presented its first fully automatic sewing unit, the Aster-Headop. Thanks to its compact design, versatility, rapid set-up and easy operation, it quickly became a best seller.

In ‘90s

Meccanotecnica anticipated the market needs by integrating signature gathering with the sewing process along with the introduction of a 12.000 cycles/h unit: the Aster 2000. The automatic lines opened up a new era in book sewing: Uniplex, Multiplex SA, Magix, Bombax and Bombix now work in the largest bookbinders worldwide.

In 1998

The company launched two solutions for digital print finishing: the Kristec, which handles sheets and the Legor-Aster, designed to work in line with web digital printers.

In 2001

The introduction of the SA super automatic features on our equipment (Aster 220 SA, Multiplex SA) improved efficiency reducing make-ready time.

Min 2000's

The Aster range was renovated with the introduction of: Aster 160, Aster 160OS, Aster 180C, Aster 180 and Aster 220C, satisfying all the possible sewing needs. Meccanotecnica also set a new standard within the signature recognition technology by presenting the Signalynx.


Meccanotecnica presented asterEL, the entry-level book sewing solution, which brought top technology within reach of a wider range of customers.


oth the traditional and the digital finishing solutions were redesigned with the introduction of: asterTOP that shuttered any speed record with its 18.000 cycles/h, asterPRO the most complete unit thanks to its cutting-edge technology, asterEVO the compact and high performance solution and asterBIG for over-sized books. This year also saw the introduction of the Universe Digitaline, the solution for high quality digital print finishing composed of: Universe Sewing, Universe Inline and Universe Trimming.


The Company is ready to take on the challenges of the market with the widest and most successful range of sewing machines and lines and with the new generations of its solutions for digital print finishing along with a complete new finishing line.