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The Meccanotecnica group,based in Bergamo, Italy, is one of the top manufacturers of book finishing equipment. Since the 1990’s Meccanotecnica, through its Aster brand, is the world leading manufacturer of book sewing systems. Book on Demand is the answer for those publishers a interested in producing short runs of “content” starting from its digital format.

Since 1997 Meccanotecnica met this need with the KRISTEC book sewing machine which collates, folds and sews single sheets coming from a sheet fed digital press.

In 2000 the LEGOR-ASTER system was launched. It produces book blocks while working in line with a digital web press; the machine takes the signatures just after the folding unit, squeezes and sews them.

Today, Meccanotecnica has developed the UNIVERSE DIGITALINE, i.e. a new, more complete range of machines which can produce a finished book starting from digitally printed single sheets or signatures, through four steps as thread sewing, pressing and endpapering, binding and trimming.

The UNIVERSE DIGITALINE series is the optimal solution not only for publishing products as yearbooks, photo albums, event commemoration books, etc., but also for short runs as minor author novels, catalogues, etc.

The book finishing line UNIVERSE DIGITALINE has four units that can be present singularly or in any combination allowing for maximum flexibility. As an example, the pressing, end papering and back gluing unit UNIVERSE INLINE can be placed immediately downstream from the UNIVERSE SEWING book sewer.

The UNIVERSE SEWING sewer (see ad below) is the heart of the DIGITALINE range; it has the unique advantage to be modular and can be manufactured based on the Customer requirements.

The originality of this machine lies in the simultaneous feeding of single sheets (which are previously folded and collated together to make a signature) and “offset” signatures that are directly fed onto the transport saddle.

Meccanotecnica is present in the U.S. and Canadian markets since 1975 with its own sales and support structure, Book Automation, Inc.

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