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Game changing machines from Meccanotecnica.

Kolbus Newsletter - UK

[The asterTOP was seen on the Meccanorecnica stand shattering any previous speed records, operating at its 300 cycles/minute. It was shown as the ideal solution for high performance gathering and sewing lines linked to back-gluing or finishing lines.

asterTOP features three new cam boxes that have been redesigned to minimize vibrations and maintenance despite high output speed. A new sewing pattern with 19mm stitches and 28mm gap between them, virtually allows all the jobs to be properly sewn along the spine and, at the same time, it avoids removing unwanted punch needles.

The signature extractor bar is made of carbon fibre and it automatically adjusts according to signature size and stays fixed in place regardless of signature size, thus reducing operator settings.

Also creating a great deal of interest was the Universe Sewing - showing top quality book sewing of digitally printed single sheets and with a feeder option to incorporate litho produced signatures into the book block.

The machine supercedes the Kristec sewer- but with a new folding and collating mode the Universe Sewing is much more accurate, produces a crisper fold and is substantially less expensive than its predecessor.

Printed sheets, up to a pile height of 600mm. are positioned on the machlne's flat stack Feeder. The sheets are first folded then collated in four page sections. This makes for accurate and crisp folds, and means that any signature in multiples of four pages can be sewn.
Sewing is performed as conventional stitch with a patented automatic mechanical device separating the book blocks. At the delivery thread ends are trimmed and the sewn book blocks presented spine-up on the delivery table for easy manual unloading.

The Universe Sewing is designed for easy operation from one simple touchscreen. Siemens electronics are used throughout for total reliability and it incorporates the GigaLynx signature recognition system for accurate control of covers, digital and litho signatures.]

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