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GigaLynx vision system and asterPRO book sewing machine: quality has come to excellence.

The Binding Edge Magazine - U.S.A.

The GigaLynx camera is the latest development in terms of quality control and asterPRO is the new MECCANOTECNICA flagship unit. Together they achieve perfection for the print finishing.

The GigaLynx™ is a further development of the SignaLynx, the original artificial vision system entirely developed by Meccanotecnica. Depending on its location, the GigaLynx system checks the correct sequence of signatures in different ways such as picture comparison (even with text-only signatures) or bar code readings. It is installed on the ASTER brand of book sewers, on the UNIVERSE SEWING machine for digitally printed books, on Meccanotecnica signature gathering lines and can be retrofitted to many different kinds of bookbinding machines.

If GigaLynx means quality, with asterPRO it means excellence.

asterPRO, the book sewing machine that incorporates all the cutting-edge technology developed from aster best sellers models through 40 years of solid experience. asterPRO offers the new size of 440mm and 520mm (asterPRO/52), with speed up to 200 cycles/min for both versions. With GigaLynx coming as a standard, asterPRO is really a full option unit - from a double gripper and four hard-wearing tretch belts at the infeed, to the new pre-accelerator pusher, the new active thread cutter and new conic punch needles. With all these standard features the signature handling is customized as never before in order to get a perfectly sewn book block.
Perfect balance between automation and precision, speed and reliability: asterPRO is the ideal solution for all production needs and the most demanding binder.

The GigaLynx system and asterPRO can be employed on all types of Meccanotecnica automatic gathering and sewing lines, as the new UNIPLEX.

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