KEM printing house (Moscow) purchased a new EVO book sewing machine from our representative agency SIKO Group



A new AsterEVO thread-sewing machine conquers a famous printing complex

A service center of SIKO Group has launched a new AsterEVO thread sewing machine in KEM printing house (Moscow).

[KEM printing complex is working successfully in several directions simultaneously, such as: book and magazine production, business and promotional print. The production capacity of KEM printing house is optimal for the manufacturing of high-quality full-colour books with hard cover. The company has its own production in Moscow that allows to control constantly the manufacturing process and is a necessary condition to provide a high printing quality and optimal time of manufacture.

A choice of a new thread-sewing machine connected with the extension of the post-printing station was made by the company yet at drupa that took place in May, 2013. That is where Meccanotecnica, a world leader in manufacture of thread-sewing equipment demonstrated several new developments (products) at the same time aimed for very different purposes from minimal to full automation and ultrahigh work speed of 300 cycles per minute (Aster TOP).

«Aster EVO» thread-sewing machine (full name: «EVOLUTION») is a light version of the reputed «Aster 180». The renewed electronic and technological “filling” of this machine meets all the requirements to the modern equipment for high quality product manufacture. The machine and its details are developed and produced using a 3-dimensiuon CAD/CAM technology. High quality materials and components guarantee reliable and long operational life of the equipment.

New 15” coloured touch screens completed with the most modern «Microbox Siemens PC» control system run the machine and allow to make a simple programming and automatic adjustment. Besides, the computer allows to make an instant self-diagnostic of all functions of the machine.

The toolkit of KEM printing house disposes more than 120 units of equipment and Meccanotecnica Aster EVO will acquire a rightful place in the manufacturing segment of the printing complex.]

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