Atorasu Bookbinding

Atorasu Bookbinding makes a step into modern book sewing with Meccanotecnica's asterEVO

Atorasu Bookbinding

Atorasu Bookbinding is a company specialized in finishing of high quality atlas; this kind of products are particularly dedicated to service selected publishing houses in Japan.

Atorasu has entered the second generation and since its foundation the company guide lines has always been: deliver the best book binding quality.

The strict cooperation with selected publishers has pushed the quality standard of the finished product to the highest levels.

Particularly, the production dedicated to atlas requires the perfect matching of maps on contiguous signatures, and additionally the books must contain inserts and gate folded signatures. Last but not least the books must be sewn with nylon using the smallest needles available in the market. 

Firstly: place three sewing units
in the very limited floor area of only 7 x 2.5 m.
Secondly: double the output of the sewing division by keeping the highest standards of sewing quality and lastly keep the strict requirements of using nylon thread and the smallest needles in the market. 

After extensive tests carried out at SK Sales (Aster representative in Japan) and after successful introduction of an asterEVO, two more units completed the upgrading of the sewing division.

The three units deliver now the best binding quality and the highest consistency.


Based on aster best seller models, this new EVOLUTION book sewing machine allows customers to make one step forward to top technology; the unit incorporates the latest solutions able to fulfill demanding quality requirements.
The asterEVO features an extraordinary compact design, with loading and unloading station only 1 meter apart and requires an area of only 2,5 x 1,7 meters.