Buchbinderei S.R. Büge

Buchbinderei S.R. Büge counts on top reliability of Uniplex with asterTOP to achieve unmatched levels of output

Buchbinderei S.R. Büge

In 1962, the love of books and the pursuit of the highest craftsmanship led Siegfried R. Büge founding a small bookbindery in a backyard of Celle, Germany.
Today, the small bookbindery has become a modern company with a staff of qualified employees and the latest generation equipment.
Buchbinderei S.R. Büge has developed the production of books and brochures providing to the customer the best book binding quality and the maximum reliability.

To finish in the shortest time books with high
count pages; moreover to process signatures
from web printing presses.

Uniplex with asterTOP

Top reliability along with excellent output.

UNIPLEX with asterTOP is the quickest line on the market, ideally suited for production like: diaries, children books, art catalogues, annual reports and yearbooks.

The UNIPLEX is the ideal solution when output is a “must”.

Thanks to a record speed of 18.000 cycles/h in combination with asterTOP, UNIPLEX provides an efficient way of producing sewn books.

The solution minimizes production costs by eliminating the intermediate handling and the non-productive processes as storage and transport of gathered signatures.

In a compact configuration, Uniplex is operated by just one person.