Drukarnia Wydawnicza im. W.L. Anczyca S.A.

High quality soft cover and hard cover books…on the fly!

Drukarnia Wydawnicza im. W.L. Anczyca S.A.

W. L. Anczyca Printing House has been producing books for more than 145 years.
We are specialized in high quality soft cover and hard cover books in both offset and digital printing. The production ranges from novels, school books, recipe books to religious books. 


Customer's demand is changing rapidly with print runs getting shorter and titles per day increasing.
We needed a flexible and cost effective solution to produce high quality books, either from offset and digital printing or a combination of both. 


The Universe Sewing Sheet-fed connected to Inline – Book Finishing line represented the ideal solution.


Thanks to Meccanotecnica’s solutions we can now produce high quality lay flat sewn books from digitally printed cut-sheets, offset signatures or, thanks to the double feeding feature a combination of both.
Moreover, thanks to Inline – Modular and multifunctional book finishing line, we produce more than 100.000 short – run books per month either ready for the casing-in process (with the application of end papers and lining) or completed with the soft cover.

The line features quick make ready time and ease of use, representing a true cost effective solution for managing short run production of books.


UNIVERSE SEWING matches the quick turnaround time of digital printers with a high quality book finishing.
Sheets are folded and collated together to make a signature and then sewn to create a high quality lay flat book block.

The UNIVERSE SEWING book sewing machine allows digital printers, publishers and trade binderies to get top book finishing quality within short to medium runs production of digitally printed books. The most common applications are variable content publications, such as photobooks, yearbooks and catalogues of luxury brands.

INLINE - Modular and multifunctional book finishing line enables multiple forms of finishing for hard or soft cover books, handling either sewn or perfect bound blocks.
Thanks to its modular construction, the line features consecutive units, chosen in any combination according to the end-user requirements.
High degree of automation while processing books for the casing-in, INLINE handles blocks with different thickness on the fly.