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Finding the right solution for sewing digitally printed flat sheets

Walsworth Publishing

Walsworth is a family-owned company that employs more than 1.250 people.
With more than 75 years of experience in printing high-quality books, we know how to put a book into print. Our state-of-the-art web, sheet-fed and digital presses accommodate small print runs of hundreds of copies, to large print runs of several hundred thousand copies. And, if the product lifecycle requires frequent reprints of smaller quantities and quick fulfillment, our flexibility allows us to meet the customer’s need.


We had to find the right solution for sewing digitally printed sheets and additionally to combine digital with offset printing for the yearbook production.
With run lengths becoming shorter and digital printing becoming a powerhouse, we need to bridge the technology gap between digital and traditional sewing.


After the successful introduction of a Universe Sewing, one more unit has upgraded our division.


Meccanotecnica’s technology has significantly reduced the cost of producing digitally printed smyth sewn books; additionally it has contributed to streamline the yearbook production.
Advantages are evident in the paper handling due to the fact that now we move the entire job while in the past we had to handle only folded signatures. Furthermore we now automatically add personalized pages to offset books or vice versa, an offset signature to a digital book.
We rationalized the process and reduced the man-hours required on the job. Steps such as folding, material handling, or collating are no longer required.

UNIVERSE SEWING matches the quick turnaround time of digital printers with a high quality book finishing.
Sheets are folded and collated together to make a signature and then sewn to create a high quality lay flat book block.

The UNIVERSE SEWING book sewing machine allows digital printers, publishers and trade binderies to get top book finishing quality within short to medium runs production of digitally printed books. The most common applications are variable content publications, such as photobooks, yearbooks and catalogues of luxury brands.


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