Dedalo Litostampa

High quality book production from offset and digital printing tripled with Universe Sewing

Dedalo Litostampa

Dedalo Litostampa is an "all-around" printing company, capable of managing the whole book production process: from pre-press to delivery.

With more than 50 years in the graphic industry, the company divides its activities in 3 fields: the graphic division with the offset typography, the rotary press division that prints an important Italian newspaper and the publishing division.

The graphic department handles all the processes for the production of books and magazines: pre-press, offset, digital printing and bookbinding.


The aim was twofold: to efficiently produce digitally printed sewn books and to improve productivity of offset printed books.


Universe Sewing Sheet-Fed "double feeding", automatic book folding and sewing unit, features on request an automatic signature feeder, allowing the finishing of both: offset signatures and digitally printed sheets.


Universe Sewing allowed Dedalo to manage cost-effective binding of short runs printed in digital and to triple the production speed of offset printed books, thanks to its high efficiency and reliability compared to another solution already installed in the department.

The main company's products are literary essays, school and higher education books, catalogues and magazines.

Moreover, this solution opens up new market opportunities allowing to produce offset printed books with personalized digitally printed sections.


UNIVERSE SEWING allows cost-effective binding of short runs and guarantees the production of high quality books.
Sheets are transferred into a scoring station, folded into "four-pages" and collated to compose a signature, and then sewn to create book blocks.

Universe Sewing Sheet-Fed "double-feeding" features an automatic signature feeder allowing to combine sheets from digital printing with signatures from offset. This is the ideal solution for the production of yearbooks, diaries, religious books, thus opening new opportunities for printers.

Find out more about this solution: watch the video and download the catalogue.

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