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GigaLynx Dual Control

Vision system

GigaLynx is an advanced vision sensor developed by Meccanotecnica in order to monitor the signature/sheet sequence during feeding, gathering and/or sewing. It is a detector that provides accurate signature/sheet loading and gathering control with all types of paper and print. Its practice-based computing algorithm helps the GigaLynx to avoid false alarms and the subsequent loss of production.
The GigaLynx can perform both image and bar code recognition which makes it the ideal choice for customers who demand maximum flexibility and reliability in quality control.

A CCD camera (Sony digital system) is fitted on each loading station of the gathering machine.
Up to 8 cameras can be connected to a processing unit which also fits inside the gathering module. The processing units are linked via an Ethernet connection to the main control cabinet which is responsible for programming and supervision of the whole control system and communication with the network.

Thanks to a dedicated algorithm the GigaLynx can filter out all the disturbances the paper is normally subjected to during production, such as acceleration, rotation, surface distortion and waving.


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