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The solution for book production when multifunctionality is a must


INLINE is Meccanotecnica new multifunctional and modular book finishing line.

This unit enables multiple forms of finishing for hard or soft cover books, handling either sewn or perfect bound blocks.

Thanks to its modular construction, the line features consecutive units, chosen in any combination according to the end-user requirements:

- IN-FEED STATION, to load sewn books;

- NIPPING STATION, to press the book spine;

- END PAPERING STATION, to feed end-sheets;

- INLINE BACK GLUING, to apply the glue to the spine and to the sides;

- LINING UNIT, to apply the lining;

- COVER FEEDER UNIT, to feed soft-covers;

- HAND-FEED STATION & MILLING UNIT, for loose sheets/signatures feeding and perfect binding;

- LAY DOWN STATION, to efficiently unload book blocks.


To download the catalogue we ask that you provide us in return with some information about you. The data collected will be kept as a reference tool or general source